Informatica Administrator/DevOps Infra Engineer

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Informatica DevOps Infra Engineer runs, changes and secures IT systems and infrastructure as a part of user stories, in line with business needs, costs, architectural and security guidelines and principles. Resulting in a flexible, secure and low-cost highly automated (CI/CD) infrastracture which is sustainable and futureproof with regard to the requirements of the business.

Main responsibilities:

  • Supports PO in the formulation of epics/features/user stories relevant to Informatica platform and ensures refinement in cooperation with PO and the team.
  • Estimates (impact of) user stories focused on Informatica infrastructure. Determines, and commits to sprint-backlog based on the priorities
  • Executes "change" user stories from sprint-backlog in line with Definition of Done and acceptation criteria, by designing, developing, coding, integrating, modeling, configuring and testing infrastructure.
  • Executes "run" user stories by monitoring, fixing and improving Informatica infrastructure in line with Definition of Done and acceptation criteria.
  • Acts in the scrum related ceremonies (such as daily stand-up, Sprint Planning Meeting, Problem Solving Session, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective).
  • Manages and expands business and IT expertise (knowledge, skills and competencies) in the team, and takes a leading position with regard to this expertise.
  • Ensures the safety and security of all information systems assets of Informatica platform. Defines and monitors use of security policies.

Our reyuirements:

  • To be fluent in English, both written and spoken
  • Experience in ETL area and with Informatica platform. Experience with Informatica Power Center is a plus.
  • Knowledge of Linux and shell scripting
  • Knowledge of CI/CD principles and tools
  • Broad knowlegde of technology, non-functionals and related processes and systems such as (IDQ, IMM, EIC, Axon, etc.).
  • Knowledge and skills outside the own DevOps team.
  • Knowledge of ETL principles and best practices to infrastructure design.
  • Knowledge of SW Development Lifecycle and Agile methodologies (CI/CD, SCRUM, Kanban)

Co je potřeba

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    Medior Senior
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    3 roky
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    Česky – domluvit se Anglicky – plynule


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    Moderní technologie

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    Plný úvazek
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    Praha 5
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