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We build the first-ever metaverse NFT search engine & gamification tools. We build the first-ever rapid-bets sports platform. We build the first-ever turnkey gaming marketplace.

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60 000 Kč / měsíc nebo si řekni o víc

Popis pozice

Strong theoretical & practical knowledge.

— Bachelor’s degree in Computing Science, Systems Analysis, or Engineering Technology.

— 4+ years of experience in the software development sector.

— Firm understanding of best practices for modularized software with a particular emphasis on high-load.

— Knowledge of business data analysis; ability to elicit, analyze and interpret business data using various kinds of techniques to meet business needs and requirements.

— Knowledge of business process design; ability to develop appropriate techniques to re-examine key processes and focus on optimizing organizational performance.

— Knowledge of collaborative techniques and approaches; ability to promote a culture of continuous improvement and working together across functions to solve business problems and meet business goals.

— Knowledge of key uses and benefits of data analysis tools; ability to utilize data analysis tools to identify factors influencing business performance and to gain greater insight into trends within a business, industry, and customer base.

— Knowledge of data gathering and analysis tools, techniques, and processes; ability to gather and analyze data on the learning needs of a target population.

— Knowledge of the decision-making process and associated tools and techniques; ability to accurately analyze situations and reach productive decisions based on informed judgment.

— Knowledge of market research; ability to elicit, collate and analyze information about existing or potential markets and market needs.

— Knowledge of the concepts of process mapping; ability to carry out the documentation of current and proposed manufacturing processes to identify and make improvements.

— Knowledge of tools, methods, and techniques of requirement analysis; ability to elicit, analyze and record required business functionality and non-functionality requirements to ensure the success of a system or software development project.

— Knowledge of technical writing; ability to write technical documents such as manuals, reports, guidelines, or documents on standards, processes, and applications.

— Knowledge of UAT (user acceptance testing) activities, tasks, tools and techniques; ability to design, implement and evaluate acceptance tests for end-users.

— Demonstrates a commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by treating everyone with respect and dignity, ensuring all voices are heard, and advocating for change.

— Upper-intermediate English.

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Analytik Procesní analytik

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business analysis system analysis engineering technology


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Reasons to join Pharos Production
  1. In Pharos Production, we work with the technologies of tomorrow.
  2. Pharos Production always has interesting challenges.
  3. We learn every day from what we do.
  4. Pharos Production — the place for teams of experts in engineering and analysis.
  5. Pharos Production respects the work-life balance.
  6. In Pharos Production, we value the time and skills of our employees by paying them in an appropriate and respectful manner.

Informace o pozici

Mzda 60 000 Kč / měsíc
Typ odměny Odměna/Mzda
Vzdálená práce Remote
Typ práce nebo projektu Inovační projekty
Místo pracoviště Kyiv, Ukr