Senior Full-stack Developer

Filuta AI democratizes intelligent automation through a low-code platform by enabling efficient creation of composite AI automation solutions through a combination of self-supervised learning and automatic symbolic domain synthesis techniques. We are highly innovative, ambitious, well-funded and rapidly growing with customers in the EU and US, biting into a $600B/y automation market and providing tangible ethical value across industries. We are looking for an outstanding full-stack developer.

  • Senior
  • Freelancer
  • HPP
  • Homeoffice
  • Plný úvazek
  • Částečný úvazek
160 000 Kč / měsíc nebo si řekni o víc

Popis pozice

Required qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related technical field.
  • 5 years of experience as a software engineer / developer.
  • Proficiency in modern OOP such as  Python, Java, C#, C++
  • Eagerness to learn new domains and technologies.
  • Good command of English.

Ideal qualifications:

  • Master's or PhD degree in Computer Science or related technical field.
  • Full-stack development experience.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Experience in operations research and/or machine learning.
  • Experience collaborating with external developers.
  • Experience working with customers, e.g. consulting or technical sales.

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Full stack developer


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Jaké jsou benefity

Job Features:

  • Joining early a well-funded deep-tech disruptive AI startup.
  • Opportunity to build and contribute to the key architecture decisions across the full stack.
  • Opportunity to ramp-up on bleeding-edge artificial intelligence technologies, cooperating with the top AI scientists in the field.
  • Working with a highly motivated team of outstanding people.
  • Significant equity stake.
  • Office in Prague, Czech Republic. Future relocation to the USA is possible.

Informace o pozici

Mzda 120 000 - 160 000 Kč / měsíc
Typ odměny Odměna/Mzda Podíl
Vzdálená práce Homeoffice
Pracovní prostředí Moderní
Typ práce nebo projektu Moderní technologie Inovační projekty
Typ smlouvy Interní pozice (HPP a další) Freelancer
Typ pracovního úvazku Plný úvazek Částečný úvazek
Typ firmy Startup
Místo pracoviště Prague
Termín nástupu 01.10.2022