Medior Fullstack Developer

We are an EU office of an international interactive agency (Kremsa Digital Inc.) in Bratislava, Slovakia. Our core competency is web/facebook/mobile development and online marketing. Our development process is specifically tailored to industry professionals, agencies and designers. Our goals are to develop quality products at affordable prices. Unlike other purely service companies we also own and grow a number of web properties with millions of users together with a set of unique tools/pr

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86 300 Kč / měsíc nebo si řekni o víc

Popis pozice

Main responsibilities:

  • Deliver on time & on budget (easy, no? :) )
  • Consistently writes functions that are easily testable, easily understood by other developers, and accounts for edge cases and errors
  • Understands the testing pyramid, writes unit tests in accordance with it, as well as higher level tests with help from more senior engineers
  • Uses a systematic approach to debug issues located within a single service
  • Understands a portion of the team's domain, can gain sufficient context to work productively in that portion
  • Designs functions that are aligned with the overall service architecture
  • Utilizes this knowledge to ask more senior engineers for help on making decisions that may have security implications.
  • Ensures that tasks are appropriately sized for continuous integration and incremental delivery with help from teammates/manager
  • Understands and acts according to task prioritization
  • Handles risk, change, and uncertainty within their personal scope of work effectively


  • Minimum of 1 year of professional experience
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • English min. B2
  • Advanced in Wordpress and PHP coding (Yii2, Laravel)
  • Basic experience with modern frontend frameworks (Vue, React, Svelte)
  • Strong attention to detail 
  • Able to deliver praise and constructive feedback to their team and also actively seeks one
  • Willing to to build strong relationships with their teammates, manager, and product counterparts
  • Exhibit enthusiasm, passion, creativity and commitment
  • An understanding of development technology, solution sets, and keeping up with Industry changes

Additional details

160 hours per month (or Based on your availability)

Openness to being on-call and partially working in the US time zone.

Salary starting at 2300€-3500€

Fully Remote or in our Bratislava office

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Full stack developer PHP developer

Základní dovednosti

wordpress php Yii2 laravel vue react svelte


attention to details communications skills enthusiasm passion teamwork


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Jaké jsou benefity

Reasons to join Kremsa Digital


  1. Flexibility - As long as you get your job done, we don’t really mind where you work or if you’re a night owl or a morning person. 
  2. Great people - From introverts to extroverts, from gamers to party people, Kremsa Digital has an awesome team that will welcome you with open arms. 
  3. Education voucher – Each year you will receive a 500 EUR education voucher you can use for any kind of education.


Proč si vybrat tuto nabídku

You will be part of a team consisting of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about their work and are delivering measurable results for clients.  You will work on projects for big national and multinational clients as well as in-house projects (,,, etc.).  You might be involved in international projects working together with colleagues from our second office located in the USA.

Informace o pozici

Mzda 57 000 - 86 300 Kč / měsíc
Typ odměny Odměna/Mzda
Vzdálená práce Homeoffice Remote
Pracovní prostředí Moderní
Typ práce nebo projektu Moderní technologie Inovační projekty Transformační projekty
Typ smlouvy Interní pozice (HPP a další) Freelancer
Typ pracovního úvazku Plný úvazek Částečný úvazek
Typ firmy Malá
Místo pracoviště Bratislava/remote
Termín nástupu 01.12.2023