Reflectors - The space of reflection is the space of growth. is a young start-up focused on bringing reflection into companies and consult their environment and processes to raise company culture and bring harmony among the employees. We are a company of consultants brought together through circle culture and holacratic structure.

Kdo jsme?

New role: Reflector A Reflector is an experienced person able to identify unhealthy patterns occurring in organizations. To name these patterns, describe their cause, and define and implement an effective solution. The Reflector is a multidisciplinary expert with unique skillset allowing him to be a trusted guide when you are facing the challenges coming with the new digital era that accents innov

Co děláme?

Within the Reflectors program, we utilize a unique mixture of effective techniques that solve patterns negatively affecting the inner working of agile organizations. These techniques are not selected accidentally. We analyzed many repeating patterns causing failure of agile and chose such a process and techniques that allow you to eliminate the patterns permanently.

Jaký máme cíl?

Have you visited some start-up office recently? Have you felt the vibe? A community of diverse people working towards a shared vision finding innovative solutions to nowadays problems? They don't seem to have trouble expressing their ideas. They discuss their feelings openly. They don't slander. They celebrate mistakes and learn from them. They follow a lightweight reasonable process. They don't

Proč pracovat pro nás?

Antifragility, the famous ability to become stronger by things that do not kill one is not in any way a given. It is based on the ability to keep an eye on the extremes of a situation while finding a path in between. To find space in a overheated, claustrophobic situations, to avoid enslavement to concepts, to help others walk forward. And we even will pay you real money!

Jaké jsou u nás benefity?

Frame of cooperation

* approx 20 hours per week, 2,5 FTE

* contract based as a freelance

* up to 800czk per hour, 65000czk per month

* Starting in March 2021

* initially six months contract

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