Senior Python Engineer (Remote from Prague)

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  • Senior
  • HPP
  • Remote
  • Plný úvazek
227 800 Kč / měsíc nebo si řekni o víc

Popis pozice

As a Software Engineer you will be in direct contact with the scientific team and your job will start where the science ends. The day-to-day tasks will require you to take a prototype of a mathematical/AI/etc. model and turn it into a production component. Whether it is a standalone microservice or a part of a larger ETL data pipeline, you will be responsible for the system to be running smoothly in the Kubernetes cluster . Because of the operational aspect, some former experience with Kubernetes is required. In this role, you will learn the science behind the models and engineering that goes into analysis of satellite data.

Zkušenosti Co požadujeme

  • Úroveň:
  • Praxe:
    5 let


Python developer

Základní dovednosti

Python gRPC/REST microservices AWS Kubernetes Docker


GO C/C++ Apache Airflow Kubeflow for running AI models




Anglicky – plynule

Práce u nás Co nabízíme

Jaké jsou benefity


    • 5+ years of experience as a Python engineer
    • Experience working with Pytest, and the rest of the ecosystem
    • Experience with Machine Learning
    • Fluent in gRPC/REST microservices design/operations
    • Experience with AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, monitoring (Grafana/Prometheus), OpenTelemetry
    • Strong communication skills (written and oral) in English


Bonus points:

  • Apache Airflow, Kubeflow for running AI models
  • Other programming languages ​​(GO, C/C++ )
  • Experience with Agriculture
  • Experience with remote sensing data (multi/hyper-spectral, radar/SAR, etc.) or Big Data
  • A curious generalist when it comes to software engineering



  • Take over the code from the scientific team and turn it into production quality service.
  • Function as a "glue" engineer between the science team and SRE/DevOps
  • Operate microservices, data pipelines and ensure operational reliability
  • Optimize model execution to improve efficiency
  • Instrument the microservices/components with telemetry data and create alerts
  • Create monitoring dashboards in Grafana to understand execution data pipeline and KPIs

Informace o pozici

Mzda 150 400 - 227 800 Kč / měsíc
Typ odměny Odměna/Mzda
Vzdálená práce Remote
Pracovní prostředí Moderní
Typ práce nebo projektu Moderní technologie Inovační projekty Transformační projekty
Typ smlouvy Interní pozice (HPP a další)
Typ pracovního úvazku Plný úvazek
Typ firmy Střední
Místo pracoviště Remote from Prague
Termín pro odpověď do 30.09.2023
Termín nástupu 08.09.2023