Junior Full-stack Developer - paid internship

Homeoffice Remote
Show off your talent! The unique developer internship! Participate in the development of an internal application directly for the IT company Robot ICT, a leader in the field of automation and innovation based in Prague. More about who we are and what we do at www.robotict.com.

What you will need?

Basic knowledge of these technologies or at least some of them

MeteorJS + Blaze / React JS, mongoDB, nodejs, REST API, GIT, Docker, Travis

What you will get?

  • The opportunity to gain the best know-how from the experts in the IT field.
  • You may find your future friends (for real! Our family is full of clever and kind human beings????).
  • You can practice your current skills and gradually acquire new ones.
  • You will be a developer of a unique application in the field of procurement.
  • You will get a financial reward.
  • But most importantly ... the possibility of future cooperation!

If you are interested in the offer, but you are hesitant to apply, contact me and we will discuss everything together. In case you are interested, send us your CV, a video about yourself and tell us your motivation to work with us to hireme@robotict.com.

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Úroveň: Junior
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    Homeoffice Remote

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