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We are looking for a FRONTEND DEVELOPER with an overlap to the backend who will join a team of 8 backend developers, a QA tester and a project manager. Together, you will work on developing and maintaining 100+ e-shops for the European market (22 countries, 4 brands and Latte templates) and some internal applications.

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What's ahead of you:

As our new Frontend Developer, you will have full responsibility for frontend development tasks, but you will also be ready to resolve some of the backend tasks. Why? Because at least for now, there are not enough tasks in our backlog so we could have in the team someone focused only on those technologies. If you can manage technologies like JavaScript, SaSS, or Bootstrap, but also PHP with some framework, etc., this will be a good role for you! 

And since you will be our one and only front-end developer, we expect you to become our fronted technology leader. That means you will have an opportunity to decide what technologies we should use in the future. 

How we work: 

  •  Agile, in 14-day sprints. We have morning meetings, plannings and reviews. Tasks go to the Redmine system, from where they are divided by the project manager according to the time possibilities of each developer and, of course, specialization. We test both manually and automatically.
  • Manage all development for our company. You can look forward to being part of the entire lifecycle of development with direct access to a wealth of customer feedback. Whatever is programmed goes out immediately and has a direct impact on our clients.
  • Divided into several teams, according to the purpose (e-commerce projects, internal CMS applications, new projects).

Technologies we use:

  • Frontend: JavaScript, SaSS a Bootstrap, Latte šablony, webpack, gulp
  • Backend: PHP 8, Nette 3.0, Symfony, MariaDB, ElasticSearch, SAP, Azure
  • Ostatní: phpstorm, phpstan, phpfixer, php tester, gitlab, docker, kibana, composer, cypress

We imagine that you:

  • Are experienced full-stack developer who has gone through the entire web development process several times, worked in a team and implemented or maintained their own or even other people's projects
  • Have an overlap in PHP programming. Frameworks do not matter to us, but we use Nette and Symfony at the moment.
  • Are inndependent and proactive. We all work from home, we have to believe that you will deliver your work on time and in good quality without constantly checking on you.
  • Can communicate in English. Some members of our team are foreigners and a lot of our colleagues as well. Although we are a Czech-based company, the main language of the company is English. But you don't have to be a language genius, you only need to be able to speak with others at least in some way :)
  • Are native Czech/ Slovak

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    Medior Senior
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    2 roky
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Javascript developer


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What (else) to look forward to:

  • Full remote job, Flexible working hours (30-40 hours a week)
  • 25 days of paid vacation
  • Free tickets for sporting events (Football tickets, Running Bibs...)
  • Company English lessons, Inspirational Fridays
  • Discounts from be-friended companies
  • VIP club discount on all our e-shops (up to 35 %)
  • Annual financial bonus depending on the company's results
  • Financial contribution to work tools

Informace o pozici

Typ odměny Odměna/Mzda
Vzdálená práce Homeoffice Remote
Typ smlouvy Interní pozice (HPP a další) Freelancer
Typ pracovního úvazku Plný úvazek
Typ firmy Střední
Místo pracoviště Homeoffice