Infrastructure Engineer - Data Platforms

Homeoffice Remote HPP
SentinelOne Prague/ Brno/ remote in CZ/SK 150 000 Kč / měsíc nebo si řekni o víc
About Us: SentinelOne is defining the future of cybersecurity through our XDR platform that automatically prevents, detects, and responds to threats in real-time. Singularity XDR ingests data and leverages our patented AI models to deliver autonomous protection. With SentinelOne, organizations gain full transparency into everything happening across the network at machine speed – to defeat every attack, at every stage of the threat lifecycle.

Your opportunity

SentinelOne’s XDR vision of one autonomous cybersecurity platform depends on our ability to collect, store and analyze data efficiently. If you are interested in building infrastructure for data platforms that run reliably with 99.99% uptime, can scale to petabytes of data ingested every day, return queries with p95 latencies less than 5seconds, you will love this opportunity. 

As a team we value

  • Thinking from first principles, understanding second order impacts 
  • Curiosity to understand new systems, their operating principles and limitations 
  • Strong operational ownership and a desire to reduce toil via automation
  • A drive to learn, especially from prior failures
  • Courage to take risks and make things happen 
  • Empathy and humility to collaborate effectively with peers and across teams

Tools we use

  • Orchestration tools like Kubernetes (EKS, GKE)
  • CI tools like Jenkins, Github Actions and CD tools like ArgoCD
  • Infra automation tools like Terraform

Your Mission is

  • to unlock portability for S1 apps and services to run on any cloud platform - you will do this by running off the shelf components with a focus on high uptime and reliability that meets the needs of our engineering organization and our customers 
  • to achieve high operational efficiency of services you own - running them cheaply and running them reliably are both top goals 
  • to emphasize on automation where possible to reduce toil and pager burden 
  • to enable operational visibility through Infrastructure as Code, Observability and driving best practices around these topics

Projects you may work on

  • Scale the data platform to 5 PB/day ingest
  • Move workloads to run on alternate machine types (graviton3 or spots) and reduce cost footprint 
  • Consolidation of our kafka clusters to drive cost and operational efficiencies
  • Run and manage open source off the shelf components like Postgres, Pulsar, Cassandra to unlock cloud portability 
  • GitOps automation for lifecycle automation of shared services like kafka, redis, presto etc 

What skills & knowledge should you bring?

  • 7+ years  of experience in leading design and architecture of infra (cloud and on-prem combined)
  • Solid experience in running SRE for SaaS products & running operations at a large scale

Co je potřeba

  • Úroveň
    Medior Senior Expert
  • Jazyky
    Anglicky – domluvit se


  • Plat
    100 000 - 150 000 Kč / měsíc
  • Typ odměny
    Odměna/Plat Podíl
  • Vzdálená práce
    Homeoffice Remote
  • Pracovní prostředí
  • Typ práce nebo projektu
    Moderní technologie Inovační projekty

Jaké jsou benefity?

  • Solid production experience with orchestration systems like Kubernetes, Nomad or Mesos (We are a k8s shop)
    • Any experience with Rancher, Platform9 or other managed k8s providers is desired
    • Familiarity with on-prem and air gapped deployments on top of k8s
  • Multi-cloud experience, deep expertise with at least one of AWS/GCP/Azure platforms
  • Familiar with IaaC and tools (Terraform or  Pulumi)
  • Familiarity with CI and practical delivery using any of Travis, CircleCI, Codefresh, Spinnaker, Jenkins or buildkite, familiarity with deployment strategies like blue green, rolling deploys, canary deploys  and best practices around deployment automation (with tools like shipit or spinnaker) is desired
  • Familiarity with mainstream languages (Python/GoLang/Ruby)

What we offer you

  • Flexible working hours & Full remote within CZ+SK/Office in Prague-Karlin or Brno/Membership in Co-working spaces - all options are possible
  • Generous employee stock plan in the form of RSUs
  • Flexible Time Off (on top of the standard 5 weeks of vacation)
  • Flexible Paid Sick Days
  • Fully Paid Short Term Sick/Short Term Nursing Leave
  • Global gender-neutral Parental Leave & Grandparent Leave Program
  • Pension insurance contribution
  • Premium Life Insurance covered by S1
  • Cafeteria points (5.000 CZK/month) 
  • Private medical care membership
  • Volunteering paid day off/Company days off/Wellness days
  • High-end MacBook or Windows laptop, WFH gear & on top of that additional Allowance
  • Several Online Platforms for Hard/Soft skills Training
  • Above-standard referral bonus
  • Yearly bonus depending on the performance of the company
  • On top of RSUs, you can benefit also from

Další informace o pozici

  • Typ smlouvy
    Interní pozice (HPP a další)
  • Typ pracovního úvazku
    Plný úvazek
  • Typ firmy
  • Místo pracoviště
    Prague/ Brno/ remote in CZ/SK